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"I picked up a DSLR and started taking photos with no formal training.   I watched countless hours of videos on the web and picked up some good information, but nothing compares to being in the field with an experienced photographer.  Scott showed me so much during our time together.  He first started off with an excellent presentation on what makes a photograph successful, which incorporated topics that we would cover in the field.  Scott first showed me the proper way to compose a photo prior to putting your camera on a tripod and how to achieve correct exposure by using the histogram.  Once I had an understanding, he introduced filters, which was something fairly new to me.  I was blown away by what could be achieved.  I’ll definitely be picking up some of the suggested filters to add to my camera bag.  We finished off the evening with night photography and light painting.   This was so cool!   In complete darkness, we both used lighting to make a fascinating night scene.  I’m so glad Scott showed me this.   I can’t wait to experiment on my own.  Overall, I was extremely happy that I choose Scott for my first photography workshop.  He was a great instructor and a very personable person.  His passion for his profession shows.  Oh, and his wife made us an amazing dinner!  Scott, I want that recipe!"

Chris Baker - Portland, Oregon

Scott ReitherComment