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Private Photo Workshops and Mentoring Programs with Scott Reither - award winning photographer and a leading educator in the fine art photography field.


My photography workshops provide passionate photographers an opportunity to explore their own personal means of expression while I assist and guide them with the important technical and creative aspects found behind every evocative photograph. You will learn how to get the strongest image in-camera, improve your composition skills and exposure techniques, and create more dynamic photographs more often.

But information is nothing without inspiration.

The enjoyment and adventure of every workshop – from Maui to California to Europe and exotic locations around the world – is getting out into the world and seeing it with a fresh eye, and then learning to communicate photographically that wonder in an expressive way. The world is alive with beauty and it’s an incredible opportunity to become aware of ways to show its worth. I love when I can share this with others while assisting them develop the skills and senses required to capture that beauty in a photograph.

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The 5-hour workshop is perfect for beginners-to-intermediate-amateurs who are looking to gain a better understanding of optimal and creative exposure, guiding principles for expressive compositions, and how to achieve stronger and more compelling images.



This 10-hour workshop is perfect for adventurous photographers looking to explore the beauty of the islands both from land and air. After long exposure coastal shooting, we will charter a helicopter and FLY DOORS OFF! to shoot sunset, and then finish with night photography.



The 10-hour workshop is for all levels of passionate photographers looking to delve more deeply into the technical and creative aspects of making more personal, expressive, and dynamic photographs, while exploring and photographing stunning island locations.

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A digital darkroom session add-on is the ideal way to complete a photography workshop. You have learned how to mix the ingredients to the clay and build a strong foundation in-camera, now learn how to shape it and bring it to life. For Workshop Participants, enjoy:
$50 OFF Developing Services

"I learned more about my camera, reading light and composition, space and forms, and the artistry of a compelling photograph in 10 hours, than all the hours spent previously reading online tutorials, blog posts and other information."

Kurt Van Cleefe - Vancouver, Washington



This year-long engagement provides focused, critical feedback and a more personalized level of instruction to help you find the best way forward with your photography. The program is geared for people who want to achieve a more informed and insightful connection with their camera and with what they want to express through their images.



A completely custom program and itinerary revolving around most locations and timelines. this option is best for the passionate photographer looking to get the most out of their travels and photographs from stunning locations around the globe.



Each mentoring program is built around the best way to inform, instruct, motivate and inspire each student to achieve the best of their creative abilities. Useful, critical feedback is offered throughout the year so participants gain a clearer, more insightful understanding of how to master their own photographic language.


How an NFL star inspired the mentoring program

Star football player Brandin Cooks first sparked to Reither’s photographs in Maui and became a collector soon after. At that first meeting, the two talked at length about how photography could be a portal to a deeper awareness of life...

"Scott adapted to my level, coached and then challenged me in the right way. Not only did I have an epic time making pictures during our 4-day workshop, but I came away with more than enough knowledge to help me make more dynamic and compelling photographs as I continue my visual journey in fine art photography."

Tony Watson - San Jose, California


testimonials - excerpts

"He is an awesome coach and teacher. He challenged me and brought my photography to a new level."

Susan Nickerson-Graham - British Columbia, Canada

"When I book time with Scott I feel privileged to be with a master of photography. He’s as excited by what you can capture as you are yourself and you end up taking home some of the best pictures you have ever shot in your life as well as acquiring new skills to make beautiful photos on your own."

Karen Lange - Manly, Australia

“A soul inspiring journey that went deeper than the photographic process. Thank you Scott.”

Brent Henderson - Calgary, Alberta


He has a real gift – he is able to meet and relate to you whatever your skill or proficiency level and then help you improve your skills through use of practical teaching points and examples during the photo shoot. If you want to take your photography to the next level, don’t miss an opportunity to spend time with Scott!"

David Coy, MD PhD - Seattle, Washington

"...most significantly, he encouraged me to 'feel' as much as 'think' about my photographs which is something that has already had quite a profound affect on me. I came away with a greater confidence in my photography and some great images, but most importantly a renewed excitement, passion and focus for why I go out shooting in the first place."

Amanda Morrison - London, England

"I have taken several workshops at home but this by far exceeded any workshop I have ever attended!  Scott is a natural teacher/mentor and shares his wealth of knowledge and passion for photography with you. I am so excited to put into practice everything that I learned!

Katie Behboudi - Vancouver, Canada



”After viewing Scott’s work, I decided to book time with him. I came in with four objectives: to learn long exposure, Minimalist photos, black and white, and Fine art. Scott was both informative and instructive during the workshop. I was able to capture some STUNNING shots during the time we spent together, with his guidance. After the workshop, my photography changed. I found myself looking at what I was shooting differently, and going through the steps I learned. Scott was a great instructor, and my photographic journey has been greatly enhanced. Scott exceeded my objectives for the workshop. No more snapshots - only photographs. The meal was awesome and tasty (many thanks to his wife for prep). Many thanks.”

Carol Lowry - Pittsburgh, PA

”I completed the half-day workshop with Scott and soaked up every minute of it. To be able to work with a creative expert like Scott and go beyond just the tactical side of landscape photography proved to be a real game changer for me. Scott was kind, patient and passionate. I learned more with him that I have in the past couple of years and have a new found appreciation for photography and the stories that go along with it. If you have the opportunity to work alongside Scott for a day, I would definitely do it. Thank you again.”

David Quinlan - Seattle, Washington

“Scott is passionate about sharing his photographic skills and knowledge. It was a great day that included driving to a variety of spots to photograph the beautiful Maui landscape. Scott provided valuable feedback throughout the workshop and readily made suggestions to help me make the best shots possible. He did a great job explaining the technical aspects while encouraging individual artistic expression. Capturing the night sky and surf was a highlight and a great way to end a most enjoyable day of photography instruction. It definitely exceeded my expectations in terms of quality of instruction, information sharing and range of locations to photograph.”

Ian Playfair - Alberta, Canada

”Once again Scott has shown himself to be an excellent mentor and inspiration! This is the second time I have had the privilege of spending time together, discussing, and practicing, both technical and the more emotional sides of photography, and how they interact and compliment one another. I feel this takes me up many more steps up the ladder to being able to call myself a photographer. (Yes, I take photos, a lot in fact, and some are "nice", but that doesn't really mean I am a photographer...with Scott's guidance I expect to get there!). Scott took me to some incredibly beautiful parts of Maui and built upon and reinforced many of the aspects from our first workshop and then added numerous insights into how and why an image works and doesn't work. Great experience all around and highly recommended for everyone!”

Jeff Cowan - Lake Arrowhead, California

“I recently had the great pleasure of spending a day on Maui with Scott. His all day intensive photography workshop was an amazing experience and one I will always be thankful for. He has helped me to take my photography to a new level by showing me how to peel back the layers to see what makes a successful image. It's not only about the basics . . . aperture, shutter speed, etc., but it's also about imparting passions and feelings to photography. How to translate all of the things that inspire us to pick up a camera and turn them into great images. Scott tailored the day to meet my particular needs and I highly recommend his workshops to photographers of all levels, beginning to advanced.”

Karen Wellman - Eugene, Oregon

“This workshop more than exceeded my expectations!   As a beginner/amateur I thought I would be overwhelmed & intimidated .... but from the intro handshake, Scott put me totally at ease.  He related to my skill level starting with him simplifying some instructional concepts, then we moved to some shooting sites to apply those concepts.   He taught me more in 4.5 hours than I’ve ever learned through blogs/Pinterest or photography books, and I now shoot all of my pictures in manual mode.   Scott was incredibly patient allowing me time to make aspect choices & changes to ‘my’ satisfaction.  I came home with some wonderful images.  My only regret was not doing the 10 hour workshop! Thank you again Scott for sharing your knowledge,  your incredible patience, and the way you were able to “simplify” this complex process that I’ve tried so hard to understand!! I look forward to another workshop in the near future!”

Donna Hinderaker - Lees Summit, Missouri

“I had a fantastic time during my workshop with Scott.  He is knowledgeable, methodical and a great teacher.  The workshop started with a very useful presentation and how to incorporate that knowledge throughout the day.  The workshop was geared towards what I needed the most help with.  If you want to learn more about how to be efficient in your workflow, improve your compositional and lighting skills, then this is the perfect workshop for you.  And most important of all, he made the workshop a fun day.  I highly recommend Scott’s workshops!”

Ali Habibi - Menlo Park, California 


"I picked up a DSLR and started taking photos with no formal training.   I watched countless hours of videos on the web and picked up some good information, but nothing compares to being in the field with an experienced photographer.  Scott showed me so much during our time together.  He first started off with an excellent presentation on what makes a photograph successful, which incorporated topics that we would cover in the field.  Scott first showed me the proper way to compose a photo prior to putting your camera on a tripod and how to achieve correct exposure by using the histogram.  Once I had an understanding, he introduced filters, which was something fairly new to me.  I was blown away by what could be achieved.  I’ll definitely be picking up some of the suggested filters to add to my camera bag.  We finished off the evening with night photography and light painting.   This was so cool!   In complete darkness, we both used lighting to make a fascinating night scene.  I’m so glad Scott showed me this.   I can’t wait to experiment on my own.  Overall, I was extremely happy that I choose Scott for my first photography workshop.  He was a great instructor and a very personable person.  His passion for his profession shows.  Oh, and his wife made us an amazing dinner!  Scott, I want that recipe!"

Chris Baker - Portland, Oregon

"Thanks again for the Full Day Intensive Photography Workshop. Your passion for photography and getting outdoors is paralleled by the attention you give your students. You’d think going to Maui to take photographs would be an easy pretense, but it’s not! During our workshop, you connected me to the deeper elements of immersive photography, and what it means to be passionate about the entire process, not just what happens in-camera. I’d been looking how to vault up to the next step in my photographic journey, and this workshop was a big step towards that personal goal. I learned more about my camera, reading light and composition, space and forms, and the artistry of a compelling photograph in 10 hours, than all the hours spent previously reading online tutorials, blog posts and other information. The experience of getting out there with a seasoned photographer can’t be understated.  I highly encourage others to book a session with you!"

Kurt Van Cleef - Vancouver, Washington

"I loved the workshop, it taught me so much and my only regret is that I didn’t do one sooner! Scott was a great host and teacher who really took the time to understand what I wanted to learn as well as to take the time and ensure he understood where I was at in my own photographic journey in order to tailor the time we had to my level and pace of learning. I came out from that day with a much clearer idea of where I am, as well as where I'd like to get to with my photos. Perhaps more importantly, I also emerged with a deeper understanding of the philosophical aspects of photography and clarity on why I enjoy the journey so much - inspiration that will carry me forward for a long time to come."

Jaymal Nathwani - London, England

“While I certainly expected to learn something from Scott during the workshop, it did exceed my expectations. I learned more about long exposure, the qualities of soulful work of art, and I even learned some features of my camera I hadn't used. I really enjoyed discussing the difference between snapshots, photographs and artwork. Outstanding Workshop. It was a pleasure spending the day with Scott and the time flew by. I enjoyed the challenges Scott presented and I could see my images improve over the course of the day.”

Mark Werklund - Summerland, B.C.

"I had the pleasure of participating in a workshop with Scott.  The experience was truly inspiring and educational.  Scott's instruction gave me a deeper appreciation for the beauty of the photographic journey and has inspired me to take this path seriously.  I came into the workshop as a novice, barely aware of the features of my camera, and left with a more complete understanding of the tools at my disposal, and even took a few good shots at the end!."

James George - Frisco, Texas

"My time with Scott was highly instructive without being boring. I learned so much! Scott is very generous in giving you all the information you can handle (and more), and presents it all in a very approachable way. I came away with a deeper understanding of the photographic process as it relates to landscapes, and I also came away with great images that I set up with his guidance. I highly recommend his workshops."

Lisa Dueck - Alberta, Canada

"My husband signed me up to take Scott's workshop as a gift, and it was one of the best gifts I've received.  I've taken group workshops in the past, but I feel I learned so much more spending time one-on-one with Scott.  It was obvious from the start that he possesses tons of knowledge in all things photography, and I feel very lucky that he was willing to pass that knowledge on to me.  Scott's teaching technique is very easy to understand, and he is very patient.  If you don't understand something the first time, you will eventually get it with his help.  I found his metaphors to be very helpful in remembering and understanding things better.  One of my favorites was, you can't build a house without a foundation, which is also true in photography.  You need a foundation before you can get a great photograph, and Scott teaches you the techniques to get you there.  Before taking the workshop there were some things that I thought I understood fairly well, such as reading a histogram, but after spending a few minutes talking with Scott on the subject, I realized that I wasn't reading it totally accurately.  After his explanation on how to read one correctly, and with some practice in the field that day, I understand it much better now.  Another great part of the workshop for me was learning how to use filters.  Scott is obviously a highly skilled expert in the photography field, and very passionate about his trade.  If you are interested in learning more about photography, or want to improve on your skills, I highly recommend that you take one of Scott's workshops. I'm sure you'll love it!"

Virginia Leussler - North Reading, Massachusetts

"After being away from photography for many years I now have the time to start up again and what better place than the visually stunning Maui. Rather than take the usual post card shots, I wanted to learn more about my DSLR’s capabilities. I found Scott through an internet search and was impressed by the testimonials so I set up a workshop. Without question it was the best time I spent on Maui (including diving with the turtles and playing Kapalua Plantation golf). His teaching approach made the concepts of photography simple to understand. In fact, his approach is to simplify the technical aspects so that you can unleash the creative side within. Don’t misunderstand me, he taught me a number of skills that have vastly improved my technical abilities. But it’s the creative skills he shares, and his enthusiasm for the craft that are my largest takeaway. For someone travelling from NY to Maui, good communication and customer service was important. Scott was responsive and his follow-through is comprehensive. If you love photography, no matter your skill level, don’t miss the opportunity to work with him."

Duncan MacKenzie - Delmar, New York


"I recently participated in Scott’s ten hour workshop and it was definitely the highlight of my trip to Maui. The day was tailored made to learning the techniques I wanted to learn as Scott gathers information on what you are interested in and your skill level as a photographer before the day of the workshop. I had recently bought graduated and ND filters and was teaching myself how to use them. Scott explained how to use the filters and then I put my newfound knowledge into practice. I now have a really good understanding of how to use the filters and have been enjoying experimenting and getting even more comfortable in using them. One of the photos I took during the workshop is one of my favorites from my trip to Hawaii. I am really grateful for Scott taking the time to explain his photographic journey to me. During our discussions, I finally decided on what direction I wanted to take in regards to my professional photography career. I had been struggling with this for quite some time and it is feels great now that I finally know what path I want to travel down. Thank you so much Scott! I really appreciate all the information you gave me."

Tracey Condie – Sydney, Australia

"I thoroughly enjoyed my 10-hour photography workshop with Scott. From the start, the day felt tailored to my photographic skills and interests. There were some basic elements of exposure that I had already understood, so right away, Scott delved into composition and creative exposure. He has “an eye” for the shot and a sense of the feeling he wants to evoke, and the technical knowledge to make the whole thing happen. He was fantastic at explaining the technical aspects to me in a way that I could both understand and remember. I learned an incredible amount about long-exposure and nighttime photography as well as light-painting. Scott thought of everything to make the photography expedition as successful as possible for me. The day was filled with reflective discussion about photography, gorgeous locations, ice-cold drinks (greatly appreciated after the hike to one of the waterfalls on the Road to Hana) and a fabulous vegan dinner, eaten tailgate style. After the expedition was over, he sent me an extremely detailed e-mail with a summary of key points he’d made during the workshop and references and links to subjects that we had discussed. Scott was not only enthusiastic about photography in general, but he was also excited about sharing his experiences and helping me along my own path as a photographer. I would not hesitate to schedule a workshop with him. You will learn so much and have a great time along the way."

Jennifer Hirsh - New Jersey, USA

"I was in Maui for a conference and looking for a photographic instructor who would be flexible enough to accommodate me in between my packed schedule. I am glad to say that my experience with Scott has been fabulous. He started off with a brief presentation on the basic foundation of photography which was very illuminating for me. Although I have been photographing for quite some time, his explanation of F-stops, use of filters and basic composition enabled me to look at these concepts from a whole new perspective. Following our initial instruction, we went out for photoshoots at local spots and implemented these principles. The whole experience was wonderful and immensely satisfying. Scott is a very accomplished photographer, instructor and above all a very genuine human being. If you are in the Maui area and like photography, give Scott a call. You will be amazed how much you will learn."

Anindya Dutta - Fremont, California

"I had the pleasure of taking two of Scott's workshops. The first was the shorter private session and I was so impressed with his professionalism, his passion, and his knowledge that I signed up for the ten hour session. Both were amazing. Scott knows the island and found lots of hidden treasures to shoot. He is an awesome coach and teacher. He challenged me and brought my photography to a new level. His follow-up emails captured what I learned and what I needed to know going forward. He is intelligent and a great conversationalist. Most importantly, it was so much fun! I look forward to our next session."

Susan Nickerson-Graham - British Columbia, Canada

"My brother-in-law and I are amateur photographers and did night-time and full day workshops with Scott. It was a fantastic experience on multiple levels. Scott guided us to beautiful, inspiring locations on Maui to photograph. His focus was entirely on us – helping us improve our technical skills and sharpen our compositional skills and “point of view.” Scott has a real gift – he is able to meet and relate to you whatever your skill or proficiency level and then help you improve your skills through use of practical teaching points and examples during the photo shoot. If you want to take your photography to the next level, and have a great day, don’t miss an opportunity to spend time with Scott!"

David Coy, MD PhD - Seattle, Washington

custom photo workshop in Oregon

"This is the second year in a row that I have shot with Scott in a workshop. I felt after last year that he’d actually changed my life, photographically speaking, and so I could not wait for the year to pass to shoot with him again! This year I booked two full 14 hour days. When you spend that much time with a person you get to know them and he strikes me as purposeful, principled and a perfectionist, not to mention a great photographer. His work is true art - spirit shines through. I found the shoots challenging and exhilarating. I recommend spending a full day minimum, if he is available, so he can take you to a number of the best places to shoot on the island and you become totally immersed. As an instructor he is the type of teacher you won’t ever forget as he demands the best of you. With great instincts and a passion for photography he brings order and integrity to whatever practices you had with your photography. I keep thinking his shoots will be easy and they are not. While he is patient and assists, you do the work to create exposure and composition under his guidance. Having to do the work required to get a good shot forced me to grasp iso, aperture and shutter speed better than I ever have before with other workshops and university instruction. For my money, I want someone who is a serious instructor. But, we do have a lot of laughs along the way. ;) All in all when I book time with Scott I feel privileged to be with a master of photography. He’s as excited by what you can capture as you are yourself and you end up taking home some of the best pictures you have ever shot in your life as well as acquiring new skills to make beautiful photos on your own. PS. His lunches and snacks are amazing too, giving you the fuel you need on a long day of shooting. Thanks to his wife for that!"

Karen Lange - Manly, Australia

"Scott is every bit as inspirational and engaging as his photographs. His passion and generosity left me feeling very privileged to have spent a few hours shooting with him. Scott was exceptionally invested in making sure I got the most out of the session. Not only in understanding my skill level and what I wanted from the workshop, but in what I wanted out of my photography generally. He asked questions that I have to admit I had never asked myself and that helped me to realize why my photography up to now has generally been so ‘unfocused’... Out in the field we worked through each shot step by step to make sure I understood the how and why. My particular interest for the session was the night sky and Scott's local knowledge meant we wasted no time in getting to the best spots. I left the workshop buzzing. Scott helped me refine my technical skills and taught me new techniques. But most significantly, he encouraged me to 'feel' as much as 'think' about my photographs which is something that has already had quite a profound affect on me. I came away with a greater confidence in my photography and some great images, but most importantly a renewed excitement, passion and focus for why I go out shooting in the first place."

Amanda Morrison - London, England

"For anyone interested in landscape photography, a workshop with Scott Reither would do a ton to move your craft forward. I’ve now had two workshops with Scott, and each one was inspiring, informative, educational – and super fun. Sure, you’ll cover the technical aspects of capturing beautiful landscapes. But far beyond that, Scott works hard to make you really think about what you’re hoping to communicate with the images, what feelings you’re hoping to evoke. He knows Maui intimately, and his “classrooms” are the very sites you see in his own work. Whatever your level, Scott will raise it – and you’ll have a blast doing it!"

Ilya Mirman - Sudbury, Massachusetts

“Scott did a great job explaining the technical and more important the creative aspects of photography. I would strongly recommend Scott, he will open up your mind creatively and give you tips and advise on the best way to capture that special image.”

Doug Punzel - Green Bay, Wisconsin

"After three previous trips to Hawaii, the workshop day spent with Scott on Maui was the single most exciting, helpful and impactful thing we have ever done. We are convinced that our decision to make the investment in his workshop will pay dividends for years to come. Scott picked us up early in the morning and we got started with a well-organized plan for learning new photography techniques, taking a variety of shots under varying conditions, and discussing many photography fundamentals. One of us is more experienced than the other in photography (Pam is the pro) and Scott was able to keep both of us on track and engaged all along the way tailoring the day to our respective skill level and equipment capabilities. We learned a host of new things about composition, exposure, light, space, movement, filters, workflow, patience, researching the subject matter and many others. It is obvious why Scott takes such amazing photographs. He combines a disciplined, knowledgeable approach with a love of the art form. We appreciated his hard work on a long day. This one day workshop advanced our respective photography skills dramatically. The pay-off was immediate and permanent. We look forward to building on what we learned and coming back for another round."

John and Pam Durkota - Atlanta, Georgia

"My experience with Scott was fantastic! I am a 4x5 large format film photographer and I hired Scott for a two day tour of Maui to help me find grand vistas to photograph with the big camera. He did not disappoint! I wasn’t needing instruction on photographic technique so much as what I wanted was an experienced photographic guide. Extremely helpful is that as a photographer himself Scott knew where to go, how to budget our time together and wasn’t limited to the overcrowded, touristy spots to photograph. I specifically asked for a couple of out-of-the-way locations and Scott delivered those and surprised me with a few others! I came back from our tour with a fabulous portfolio of new work containing numerous views exceeding my expectations. I never would have been able to experience nor record those views without Scott’s guidance. My only regret was that I only had two days to work with him. I hope to visit the Islands again, and wouldn’t hesitate for a second to work with Scott once more."

Danny Spence - Cleburne, Texas


"I was very lucky to have had the opportunity to do a half day workshop with Scott in Maui. I am an amateur photographer always looking to learn more. I have taken several workshops at home but this by far exceeded any workshop I have ever attended! Scott is a natural teacher/mentor and shares his wealth of knowledge and passion for photography with you. Also providing me with information via email before and after our workshop. I am so excited to put into practice everything that I learned. My next trip I will be booking a full day! Thanks again Scott."

Katie Behboudi - Vancouver, Canada

"The afternoon I spent with Scott was the most useful and valuable time I have spent to date in developing my photography. At the most fundamental level I was able to clarify for myself what sort of photographs I want to make as I had been struggling to do all-things with the camera. While I had been focusing on the technical in-camera aspects of making pictures, which are important for capturing a solid foundation for a photograph, Scott helped me develop a better understanding of the entire photographic process and of the importance of planning, editing and developing my pictures. This is not to say there wasn’t plenty of technical learning to take out of my session. The importance of space and reconceptualising the idea of leading lines or diagonals with the notion of transitions were just two of the ways in which Scott helped me develop my composition. I am also thinking more deeply about exposure and the use of filters thanks to my time with Scott. I feel like my journey into photography took a giant leap forward in a single afternoon. Scott was fantastic to work with. He was patient and attentive to my needs. He communicated with exceptional clarity, using examples and ensuring I understood the material. His style facilitated maximum learning for me and at the end of our session I was inspired and excited about my photography and that feeling persists for me today."

Paul Grieve - Queensland, Australia

"I just got back from Maui in June and during that trip, took Scott’s course while I was there. That is the best thing I could have done. I am not a pro photographer by any stretch, yet the photos I took with him impressed seasoned photographers and family and friends alike when I uploaded them to social media sites for their critique. Scott will not hold your hand during these classes. You will have your fingers on all of your camera’s controls. He stands back and will go over and over with you until you comprehend what each increment you use to bring out the desired effect. Please go ahead and read all you can online and in photography books, but you will never, and I mean never, come away with the results and most importantly the confidence that Scott instills into you while working with him on a one-on-one basis. His patience was amazing. And … he’s giving away his secrets! He shows you how stops, aperture, framing, time, filters, location, time of day, and exposure all play a part in one frame and how to achieve that. I’ll repeat that… “How to achieve that”! As a bonus, he’ll explain to you how to shoot from your soul. When you see his passion for the art and his passion to instill confidence in you, you will come away with the same feelings that I have. Thank you Scott."

Len De Silva – Scottsdale, Arizona

"My biggest highlight to my vacation in Maui, besides the poke and the shaved ice, was in meeting up with Scott. Before my trip, I googled Scott and perused his site and read through his positive testimonials. He has many fantastic photos which resonated with my sense of aesthetics. One common comment that stuck with me is that people were saying that a half-day was not enough and that they were wishing for more. So I decided to take the plunge and to book the full day with him. It was awesome! Scott was very organized and had an itinerary for the day. He helped me so much on my journey to becoming a better photographer. He was extremely patient with me as he was introducing and helping me to develop an efficient workflow. He took the time to explain why and how he did things. We spoke about many things related to photography from composition to the state of self when taking photos. He definitely tailored my time with him to allow for me to learn at my pace and to apply what we went over and over again. I would definitely recommend Scott to anyone interested in wanting to learn how to make compelling and impactful photographs. Simply put, “You will have no regrets with taking his workshops except for the fact that they end much too quickly.” He has definitely been my greatest influence in my journey in learning about light. I look forward to seeing Scott again in the future either from another workshop or just for a friendly visit when he makes it out to the Canadian Rockies."

Bryan Mah - Calgary, Canada

"I wanted to take my photography to the next level, so attended a full day workshop with Scott. His passion for photography is very high. His approach and process is easy to follow, yet he successfully shared many things with me such as how to develop a great image and how to make my art more salable, seeing light, how to compose and create great images. We went to several very interesting places to shoot and learn, and he worked with me and tested me along the way. I also really appreciated his post workshop notes and recommendations. This workshop is not a photo tour, but a very high end learning experience . My time with Scott Reither was a very memorable one and I know I have a great friend in Maui. All the best,"

Andy Glavac - Ontario, Canada

"I scheduled a half day workshop with Scott not knowing what to expect. I have a stupid amount of camera gear and really feel the need to up my game in photography. I asked Scott to help me “see” better when setting up a shot. I came away from the afternoon with some great shots, but even better I came away with a better understanding of what I wanted to do photographically. I have attended many photo workshops in the past, but the afternoon that I spent with Scott was by far the most productive. I will schedule more time with Scott the next time I am in Maui! If you are going to Maui and thinking about a personal workshop with Scott . . . stop thinking about it and just do it."

Cris Cowley - Cottonwood Heights, Utah

"As an enthusiastic amateur photographer I have tried many sources and educational opportunities to improve my photography skills but the recent workshop I took with Scott on Maui was the best by far. He covers every aspect of photography from mental and philosophical to technical and practical. His passion is evident and was particularly inspiring as we discussed a wide variety of topics over the course of the day. Of the many things I have done over the years on my vacations in Maui this is on the top of my list to repeat on my next visit. I would encourage any photographer who wants to improve their skills to consider taking this workshop. It’s time and money well spent."

Ty Hutchins - Fresno, California

"The time I spent with Scott was not about getting taken to some of the photo hotspots so I could snap away and move on. This was about discussion and learning; learning from someone who has put a lot of time into not just shooting, but in having a compelling philosophy about what drives their photography. I have been to a couple of good photo workshops where we discussed composition, exposure, lighting and post production, but this was undoubtedly the most intellectually stimulating time spent learning about what moves you to shoot and how you perceive what it is you are shooting. Aside from being a master photographer, Scott has a real talent for instruction - the time spent that one day really changed and focused my approach to shooting. Thanks Scott for what you shared with me."

Robert Cronk - Menifee, California

"I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed the workshop, and the entire day. The photographs have turned out wonderful and much better than I would have ever anticipated. Thank you so much for teaching me these techniques. I have just ordered the accessories you recommended, and look forward to getting an opportunity to put them to work. Additionally, thank you so much for all the other recommendations you gave us. Lahaina Grill was the best dinner we had on Maui, and our trip was wonderful, and you contributed greatly to it."

Terry Wilkinson - Southlake, Texas

"I consider myself an advanced amateur. I have watched videos, read manuals and attended workshops, but nothing compares to one on one instruction from a pro in one of the most beautiful places on earth. I really appreciate Scott’s teaching style and approach to photography. Scott adapted to my level, coached and then challenged me in the right way. Not only did I have an epic time making pictures in Maui during our 4-day workshop, but I came away with more than enough knowledge to help me make more dynamic and compelling photographs as I continue my visual journey in fine art photography."

Tony Watson - San Jose, California

"On our last trip to Maui, I decided that I wanted to contact Scott about a private workshop, and I'm glad I did. I've been following Scott's blog for a couple of years and have been really impressed with his photography. I booked a 10 hour workshop and I thought the cost of was on-par with other private and semi-private workshops I've taken from other professional photographers. However, I feel the value I received from my day with Scott was worth much more than I paid. Scott's communication before our workshop was exceptional and he took the time to find out where I was at in my photography, what I wanted to concentrate on and my photographic aspirations. Already more than other photographer's workshops I've attended. We started with an hour presentation which I found was very well done and informative. He also showed me some of his post processing methods. Then we started our trek, the day went just as Scott had planned and the locations were amazing. Scott took the time to discuss each location and some general composition ideas, but made me come up with my own composition and gave me ideas to improve. During our driving time, Scott was willing to answer any questions I had on any photographic subject, it was a great time to pick his brain and get my questions answered. He was very honest and forthcoming. I definitely think I received more value than I paid for and will attend Scott's future workshops on the mainland and when I vacation on Maui. In my experience, with most photographer's workshops, they act more as a tour guide taking you to the best places to get "the shot", but with Scott I was able to experience amazing locations plus the insights and mentoring of a professional photographer. The photos from our workshop look great!"

Jim Clark - Renton, WA

"Thanks again for a great San Francisco workshop! It was everything I hoped it would be. You have a gift for presenting competent, constructive feedback in a meaningful way without imparting any judgment or arrogance. It was a pleasure spending time with you and learning more about the art of photography in a tremendous setting."

Bill Wiese - Austin, Texas

"I was fortunate to learn about Scott’s Photo Workshop while I was vacationing in Maui in January of this year. I signed up for a full day private workshop with Scott. One reason that I chose to participate is that I am interested in landscape photography and often times to get the picture it means venturing into the rain forest to get for example an image of a waterfall. I was happy to be able to accomplish this type of photo while Scott was there instructing. I felt safe to have not ventured alone to try for that kind of shot. I would probably say that the best aspect of my participation in the workshop was that Scott’s style of teaching was not rushed. He put together a very involved agenda for our day and I really questioned if we could accomplish everything we had planned without doing it at a frenzied pace. I don’t know if he is some kind of miracle worker but we actually hit every agenda item he had set and the entire day was relaxing and enjoyable. One important note (considering that Scott was the driver) is that Scott was a very safe driver. I even felt safe on the Hana Highway! The information that Scott conveyed to me during the workshop was not fluff or generalized information. The layers of what he taught were well thought out and had tremendous depth. He did not just convey technical knowledge. He was able to articulate very complex concepts related to Photography. As with many aspects of Maui, Scott and his program are another hidden gem. I hope through this testimonial, many other people with a serious interest in photography will be able to take advantage of what Scott has to offer."

Jacquelin Medeiros - Fall River, MA

"While recently vacationing on Maui, I had my second, half day workshop with Scott. Again, it far exceeded my expectations. Although he is a famous photographer, he is down to earth and easy going and relates to people at all skill levels. Scott is patient and shares his knowledge and suggestions in a way that helps photographers continue on their own individual paths. When you are in a beautiful location with your camera, it’s easy to get caught up in the beauty around you and you tend to want to photograph a scene that ends up being entirely too busy. Scott brings his students “down to earth” with his philosophy of keeping compositions “simple.” I learn so much from Scott and hope to continue learning from him during future trips to Maui. I also hope to attend more of his group workshops. Since spending time with Scott, I feel my approach to photography has turned a corner and his teaching has definitely made me a better photographer."

Sheryl Loesch - Winter Garden, Florida

"Thank you, Scott. I'm still floating on air after our workshop last week on Maui. You are an amazing teacher and I feel very fortunate to learn from someone so incredibly accomplished as you. You gave me wonderfully wise and practical advice, and made me rethink my whole approach to photography. "Simplify, observe, study, edit"...all marvelous and powerful suggestions I can follow. I feel you have set me on a new and much more satisfying path in photography. I appreciate the many technical pointers you gave me as well, especially the use of ND and GND filters. Your critiques of my photos were so helpful and spot on, and helped me see where I need to concentrate my efforts. You are a gifted photographer and a patient, insightful, and sensitive teacher. I cannot recommend your course more highly, and I cannot wait to come back to Maui for another session with you. Mahalo for sharing your many gifts with me."

Tim Carney - Honolulu, Hawaii

"I recently returned from a family vacation to Maui. During my visit I was fortunate enough to come across a photograph of Scott Reither's and was excited to find out that he offered private workshops. Immediately, I contacted Scott and during my correspondence with him we were able to identify the instruction needed in order to take my photography in a new direction. Through several e-mails Scott was able to customize an afternoon of discussions and practical in-field training that addressed my needs as a developing photographer while building a foundation supported on my current skill level. Scott is not only an experienced photographer whose images on his website speak volumes but an equally impressive instructor. He is accommodating, patient and spent all the time necessary to make sure I understood the solid foundation of photography. I now have a much deeper understanding of the interaction of ISO, aperture and shutter speed. In addition to a solid foundation, Scott was also able to teach and illustrate with an in-field demonstration more complex landscape photography techniques. His use of neutral density filters and methods for attaining "creative exposures" are fantastic and will without a doubt become an integral part of my photography. His passion for photography is contagious and he possesses an uncanny ability to explain techniques on a level that I am confident anyone who attends his workshop, regardless of skill level, could understand. I strongly recommend Scott and his workshops. If you have the opportunity to join him for any amount of time I would encourage you to do so as I cannot even begin to express what his instruction has done for my personal photography. This workshop was certainly the highlight of my trip and now I have full confidence that I too can produce stunning images that I am proud of. I appreciate everything that Scott has done for me and my enthusiasm for the art of photography."

Jacob Opfer, M.D. - Dallas, Texas

"I want to thank you so much for restoring my passion for photography! Your teaching methods are very informative, easy to understand, and most of all - easy to remember. The combination of presentation, discussion and field shooting was fantastic in the 10 hour 1:1 workshop that I attended. I still cannot believe how fast the time went and how much I learned. I have attended many workshops in different types of photography, both by big name photographers and by big name camera companies, but I have never had so much fun while learning. I could not wait to post process my images when I completed as well as plan my next shoot. My favorite image is a B&W image that is probably the best image I have made to-date. The best part is that I know what I like about it, can explain it, and know the techniques of how the image was created. I highly recommend Scott and the 10 hour workshop. He customized the class for me and his review of my work and my goals was truly impressive. He will improve your approach to photograph, overall knowledge of the image making process, technical skills, post-processing technique and in my case - restored my passion for making images. I am already planning to do another workshop with Scott when I am back in Maui next year."

Joseph Timmins - Chicago, Illinois

"I would highly recommend this workshop! Scott has a wealth of knowledge and willingly shares this without reserve. My impression is that he genuinely wants to help photographers on their own path. If you are a hands-on learner, there is simply no better way to improve your photography. I look forward to keeping in touch with Scott and will happily recommend that others sign up for his workshops."

Alison L. - Calgary, Alberta

"WOW, what an amazing, all day, one-on-one photography workshop! While planning a recent trip to Maui, and reviewing many group photography workshops, I came upon Scott Reither’s website. It was exactly what I was looking for. A personalized workshop, that focuses on improving my techniques as well as some new ones.Scott is an amazing photographer and teacher. The day started off with going back to the basics, building a foundation and improving on it every step of the way while introducing advanced techniques. It really has helped me in what Scott refers to as “My Photographic Path” and I’m now producing stronger images. If you have the opportunity to join one of Scott’s workshops, I encourage you to do so, it’s well worth it and I can’t wait for the next one. Thanks again Scott for the great day and knowledge you have given me."

Robert Raia - Toms River, New Jersey

"I had the pleasure of joining two others in San Francisco when Scott held a 2-day workshop in August this year. The amount of information I gathered from Scott was incredible. My many shortcomings were addressed in a very professional manner. I learned to shoot manual, use both graduated and neutral density filters for long exposure photography, and more. Being interested in landscape photography, this was a complete course. Scott teaches you in such a manner that one can comprehend easily. He is very patient and is ideally suited to be a great teacher. We also saw his photography and he is indeed a great photographer. On completing this workshop, I expressed a desire to join in another workshop and I hope to do so next year. I am very happy that I joined his workshop and I recommend him as an excellent teacher."

Desmond Gunatilaka - San Jose, California

"I recently completed a personalized (one-on-one) four-day photographic workshop on Maui with Scott Reither. He was an outstanding instructor. He was extremely patient, not at all dogmatic, and spent a lot of time explaining some of the basics as well as many of the more complex facets of landscape photography. Scott has an incredible photographic knowledge base and has the experience of a good eye to turn a so-so landscape composition into something much more like a winner. His use of graduated and other ND filters was a real eye opener. Also, his knowledge of post-image capture processing on Photoshop is quite remarkable. Most importantly, he loves what he does and that passion is infectious. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Scott with great enthusiasm as a dynamic instructor for landscape photography workshops. Moreover, his own creations on his website speak for themselves."

Elliott Kagan - Potomac, Maryland

"During planning for my latest visit to Maui I was fortunate to come upon Scott Reither's wonderful work and was excited that he also offered private workshops. During my correspondence with Scott, we were able to identify my photographic needs and wants as well as display my current skill level. Very quickly Scott was able to customize an afternoon of discussions and practical hands-on training that addressed my weaknesses and supported my current skill level. Being familiar with Maui, I was not in need of a "tour guide", but in fact, he led me to some spectacular areas I was not aware of to practice the lessons offered. Scott's enthusiasm and ability to be flexible and his knowledge allows him to lead and push the photographic learning boundaries. I am already planning a return visit! I strongly recommend Scott and his workshops. The highlight of my visit was spending a few hours with Scott and being able to start to understand what I don't know about photography. I have a much better understanding of the things I thought I already knew: interaction of ISO, aperture and shutter speed, for example. From this I have the confidence and ability to shoot in full manual mode and have better control of my images. Also, I have begun some understanding of composition for the "flow" and balance of the image. This is a new door for me and I thank you for opening it! Certainly I have much room for improvement here, but at least I have an idea of where to start. Many thanks!"

Jeff Cowan - Arcadia, California

"I was originally introduced to Scott's work through a friend that had a few of his pieces. It was a moving experience. His work elicited an emotional response that I couldn't put into words. I found an immediate connection to his work. Since that introduction, I have acquired 4 of Scott's works of art. They have simply brought my house to life! Every visitor I have comments on them, amazed by what they're seeing and his ability to create such works of art through the lens of a camera. However, not only am I a collector, I am also an amateur photographer. I just returned from one of Scott's personalized Workshops that he hosts in Maui. It was an amazing experience! He was able to tailor the course based on my level of experience and interests. I was impressed by his ability to transfer his knowledge, passion, and philosophies, in a manner that I could understand and comprehend. I learned more in a one day workshop than I have over the last 2 years. I highly recommend attending one of his workshops to any photographer that is trying to improve their craft. Scott, I am looking forward to working with you again at your upcoming La Jolla workshop. Thanks again for everything."

Scot Mathena - Flagstaff, Arizona

"I thoroughly enjoyed Scott's 3-day La Jolla workshop. Scott is fantastic with composition and he'll work with you in the field to choose and hone in your shot. He took the time to work with each of us, actually looking through the viewfinder and talking about the elements and balance. I loved his idea of slowing down, simplifying compositions and giving equal consideration to the subject and the space. I also greatly enjoyed learning how he applies his aesthetic to his photographs in processing."

Mark Smith - Kalispell, Montana

"I recently had the pleasure of doing a 5 hour one on one photography workshop with Scott during my Maui trip. This was an eye opening experience for me. Scott is an immensely talented photographer who has an obvious passion for his work. His photographs are breathtaking and are unlike any others that I have seen. He has his own unique style that is very appealing to me. In addition he is an extremely gifted & enthusiastic teacher who was able to demystify many of the concepts involved in taking good photographs. I am excited about trying out in the field the various things that I learned form the workshop. This was certainly one of the highlights of my Maui trip. I am looking forward to doing another workshop with him during my next Maui vacation! "

Anshul Pandhi, MD - Seattle, Washington

"We had the wonderful opportunity to spend a day with Scott when we first arrived in Hawaii and can't say enough good things about our experience. To begin with, Scott took the time to get to know us and our skill level/interests before we even arrived so that he could make the best use of our time together. During our driving time to the different locations, Scott not only took the time to continue to share some very valuable photography information, but he also shared some interesting facts about the island and places we were seeing. It was so informative and extremely enjoyable. Although my interest is more in taking portraits than landscapes, I feel like he made a huge effort in explaining how to apply the information he was sharing when I was doing my portraiture work. Scott was so great at understanding our skill level and articulating things in a way that made sense for us. He was patient and demonstrated an incredible amount of knowledge both technically and artistically. We would highly recommend Scott if you would like to increase your photography skills no matter what level you are at. He was a ton of fun and were able to use the skills that he taught us while we were there and came away with what we feel are some great pictures that has generated some really positive feedback from family and friends! Thanks again Scott!"

Medorann and Mathieu Boucher - Alberta, Canada

"To be frank, I was a bit worried about spending a day with someone I’d never met, but that turned out to be a needless worry. I was surprised how quickly the time went, and yet it was never rushed. It was great that you frequently linked your insights and techniques with my situation of living in a large city—it was obvious you had thought about my responses to your questions before the day. I also appreciated your feedback on my photos and I've already started putting your advice into action. Thanks! I look forward to reading updates on your blog."

Brad McSwain - Melbourne, Australia

"Scott has a true passion for the art of photography and he shares his photographic expertise through his excellent instruction. I took away from the workshop that photography is an expression of what the maker is feeling. It's a combination of the right and left brain working together to make art. The instruction I received taught new techniques that allowed me to make more creative and meaningful images."

Lorie Dalley - Beverly Hills, Michigan

"My wife and I booked a session with Scott in early February, and we both loved it. My wife is much more advanced than I am, but Scott was able to easily tailor his instructions according to our experience levels. The techniques he showed us on long-exposures were great...we loved the effects it had on what might otherwise be an ordinary shot. I would definitely recommend this to anyone."

Randy Hurdle - Orange County, CA

"My five hour photo session with Scott Reither was satisfying in every way – he gets five stars from me. He took us to the Keanae Peninsula where we composed some dramatic evening landscape shots using long exposures and neutral density filters. While we were driving there Scott gave a mini lecture about composition and the Zen of photography. On the way back, we discussed the experience and Scott shared a little about his photography path and philosophy. He then provided handouts of both the content of the lecture and the practical aspects of the workshop. He provided all the filters needed to accomplish what was to me a totally new technique. He was right beside us providing instruction and feedback. Even if my photos had been failures (two were not) I would consider the experience completely worthwhile because all the principles we explored will transfer to other photo endeavors. Scott is earnest but relaxed, friendly and a well prepared teacher. I feel my compositional creativity took a giant leap forward as a result of working with him. Best of all, I feel inspired to try new techniques and compositions. I would recommend Earth Photo Expeditions to any serious amateur photographer."

Brenda Veland - Seattle, Washington

"During my recent vacation to Maui, I had the pleasure of taking a workshop with Scott Reither. This experience exceeded all my expectations. Scott completely customized the workshop around my skill level and incorporated the specific techniques I wanted to learn. Not only is Scott a fantastic photographer, he is an equally fantastic teacher/mentor. His passion for photography is infectious and his patience and ability to explain techniques on a level his student can understand was wonderful. The time flew by and my only regret was not booking a full day workshop! Since we visit Maui at least once a year and oftentimes, twice a year, I definitely plan to schedule more workshops with Scott during future visits to gain more skills. This experience really was a dream come true for me and I highly recommend Scott’s workshops!"

Sheryl Loesch - Winter Garden, Florida

"I recently spent a One-on-One session with Scott Reither photographing in the Lahaina area of Maui. Scott is a professional photographer there and offers workshop sessions to many including the likes of me, a determined amateur with too much equipment and too little experience. Scott got me to realize that we are here to make compelling landscape/seascape images. To do so we would need to determine where we would photograph, what tools we would need to capture a compelling image and just what time and with what lighting conditions we would get the best photo. We proceeded to do just that, scouted out locations, determined camera locations and settings, referred to sunset and tide schedules and then got there ahead of time to capture the best image. Throughout the session Scott managed a productive exchange of technical information with me; I recognized the professional standards Scott maintains whereas as a hurried amateur I might accept a few burnt out highlights Scott, the professional, wont. I learned. Scott has rescued me from the clutches of Kelby, Kost and Kloskowski and got me out into the field to do what I came to do, photograph. I had spent too long transitioning from my classic darkroom to Photoshop and all its' plug-ins that I had become stuck in the wrong rut. From my session with Scott I realized that it is time to direct my energies to finding and capturing images and to give the filing and the post processing of old images a rest."

Edward Busse, MD - Vancouver, Canada