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"Thanks again for the Full Day Intensive Photography Workshop. Your passion for photography and getting outdoors is paralleled by the attention you give your students. You’d think going to Maui to take photographs would be an easy pretense, but it’s not! During our workshop, you connected me to the deeper elements of immersive photography, and what it means to be passionate about the entire process, not just what happens in-camera. I’d been looking how to vault up to the next step in my photographic journey, and this workshop was a big step towards that personal goal. I learned more about my camera, reading light and composition, space and forms, and the artistry of a compelling photograph in 10 hours, than all the hours spent previously reading online tutorials, blog posts and other information. The experience of getting out there with a seasoned photographer can’t be understated.  I highly encourage others to book a session with you!"

Kurt Van Cleef - Vancouver, Washington

Scott ReitherComment