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SCULPTED ICE.1200PX copy.jpg

Her first memory was as a snowflake many years ago, while falling softly from the sky and landing among other fellow snowflakes.

They gathered and accumulated, eventually merging to take on the form of ice.

Many more snowflakes came year after year and landed on their new ice-form, weighing them down and compressing them. It forced them to toughen up and unite. They crystallized, and took on their next form - glacier.

They maintained a glacier-state for a thousand years or more, slowly flowing together many miles downward to the sea, one short millimeter at a time.

Four years ago, she and a group of others broke free from the greater form and for the first time in millennia, were independent. There was a sense of buoyancy, floating free in a giant lagoon, now as the form of iceberg.

Drifting tranquilly, the architecture of their group continually changed. There were always some leaving, she noticed, but where they went was unclear.

At times, other beings would use their form to stand and sit and rest on. Other times, the night sky would glow brilliantly above.

Eventually, their large house-sized iceberg was drawn steadily by a current and pulled to the ocean. They went from peacefully drifting in the reasonable waters to thrashing about and getting pummeled in the harsh ocean.

Fourteen days later, beaten and battered, she and an indistinguishable group still persisting washed up on the black sand beach in the dark of night, not sure of what form they held now.

As the night slowly turned to day and the light lazily rose, she realized that in their landing they had split in two. Facing each other she saw herself as if for the first time, and saw a beauty she had not known since she was merely a snowflake, falling from the sky.

The recognition of such intense beauty shocked her into a state of bliss.

Everything that had come before - the burden of weight and grinding and aimless drifting and all the many hardships and indifference - it was all perfectly necessary, perfectly required to take on such beauty, she now realized.

She knew in a matter of a few hours, it would be different. It would all change again. The tide would come and finish them off. Soon she would go back to where she came eons ago. It was nearly time to Return to Source.

It did not matter. There was only this moment. There was only the beauty of form and the clear recognition of it. And surrender. A deep surrender to what Is.

On this single day, in a life spanning thousands of years, she took on her most beautiful form.

She became witness to her own God-nature, and was ready to return home.