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"This is the second year in a row that I have shot with Scott in a workshop. I felt after last year that he’d actually changed my life, photographically speaking, and so I could not wait for the year to pass to shoot with him again! This year I booked two full 14 hour days. When you spend that much time with a person you get to know them and he strikes me as purposeful, principled and a perfectionist, not to mention a great photographer. His work is true art - spirit shines through. I found the shoots challenging and exhilarating. I recommend spending a full day minimum, if he is available, so he can take you to a number of the best places to shoot on the island and you become totally immersed. As an instructor he is the type of teacher you won’t ever forget as he demands the best of you. With great instincts and a passion for photography he brings order and integrity to whatever practices you had with your photography. I keep thinking his shoots will be easy and they are not. While he is patient and assists, you do the work to create exposure and composition under his guidance. Having to do the work required to get a good shot forced me to grasp iso, aperture and shutter speed better than I ever have before with other workshops and university instruction. For my money, I want someone who is a serious instructor. But, we do have a lot of laughs along the way. ;) All in all when I book time with Scott I feel privileged to be with a master of photography. He’s as excited by what you can capture as you are yourself and you end up taking home some of the best pictures you have ever shot in your life as well as acquiring new skills to make beautiful photos on your own. PS. His lunches and snacks are amazing too, giving you the fuel you need on a long day of shooting. Thanks to his wife for that!"

Karen Lange - Manly, Australia

Scott ReitherComment