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If you are considering joining me for one of my photography workshops and have read through the descriptions, you may still be left with a few questions.  Below are some of the most frequently asked.  If your question is still unanswered, there's a form at the bottom of the page - please don't hesitate to contact me.

Why should I take a workshop with you?

I believe this should be your first question when considering a workshop with anyone - so, great question!  First, I think you should resonate with the work.  When you look through my photographs and spend some time viewing them, they should move you in some feeling/emotional way.  Personally, I can’t imagine choosing to take a workshop with someone who's work I didn't look up to and respond to - and I wouldn't expect someone to work with me who didn't respond to my work.  When you have a sort of deeper response to the work - then out of that grows a curiosity and desire for insight that every great workshop should be based on.

Next, I really love working with earlier-on-the-path photographers and sharing the insights that I have gained from my 20+ year photographic journey.  This isn't just my profession - it's my passion!  Because of that, I am very overprotective of my photographic bubble.  I don't want to allow in anything that will spoil that passion - that's why I don't do things within the photography world that I don't really enjoy.  No weddings.  No editors telling me what to shoot.  Just my own way and making the images that are true to me.  If I didn't really enjoy leading and teaching workshops - I wouldn't do it!  The truth is, I get so much out of it too - it has made me a much better photographer since beginning the workshops in 2013 and the 250+ photographers that I have been lucky enough to work with since.  It's this same passion that I bring to the workshops and plan to share with you.

When do I pay?

Each workshop page has the cost and deposit-balance breakdown on the description page.  A deposit is always required to secure your spot and I recommend you make that at your earliest convenience to save the date and to secure your spot.  I confirm every payment.  Once I receive your deposit, or full amount, I mark you in my calendar and your spot is secured. 

If you haven't received an email confirmation from me within 48 hours, then there may have been an issue with your checkout - email me with your order number and we will finalize the order.

What is your refund policy?

My refund policies vary depending on the workshop and the details are listed on the workshop description page.  If anything is unclear or you still have questions regarding them, please ask.

What do I need to bring?

After your deposit is made to book your workshop, I contact you with a list of items that you will need to bring.  It's mostly basic landscape photographer stuff - I'm a big believer in keeping it simple.  In many cases, specifically with my Maui workshops, I loan out filters and filter systems, tripods and other items.  In other cases, I may recommend that you rent a lens, or purchase a cable release.  With every workshop, after I receive your deposit, I send you information and a questionnaire so that I can get a clear sense as to where you are on the photographic journey.  This is when the information exchange begins between us and I will let you know if you are in need of further items.

If you'd like to have this discussion before you book, please ask.

What is the basic landscape photographer stuff?

A camera with manual controls, preferably a minimum lens range of 16-35mm and 24-70mm, a stable tripod, a cable release, a few ND filters, and a bag to hold the items.  This is close to "the essentials".  Again, in many cases I can loan out filters, or will recommend the "right ones" for purchase.  I'd suggest that you wait to make any purchases until we communicate.  One of the things that I really enjoy is being able to help others NOT make bad purchases.  I've learned through trial and error and have made plenty of bad purchases through the years, so now give pretty good advice when it comes to gear purchases.

Is there an "Extra Person Charge" to bring my spouse, even though they are not into photography?

In most every case - yes, there is an extra charge.  There are a number of reasons I have an extra-person charge for the workshops, whether those add-on participants have an interest in photography or not.  You are welcome to pay the add-on cost for an extra-person and have them join us, but I have found - the workshops tend to not be very exciting for non-photographers, and it takes away from the focus of those who are. 

As photographers, we can spend an hour staring at a rock - while the non-photographer is wondering the entire time, what the hell are they doing staring at that rock!  Am I right?  ;)

What if we have to cancel due to weather?  What about severe weather?

In 5+ years, I think I've had to cancel 2 days because of weather.  It rarely happens.  For the landscape photographer, weather is part of it.  Oftentimes, the "poor" weather turns out to be the best light and lead to the most compelling photograph.  You can't be quick to throw in the towel and quit because of poor looking weather.  With that said, there are times where "severe weather" makes the conditions either unsafe or simply not feasible to work in-the-field.  We will re-schedule when possible, adjust the plans to developing/digital-darkroom, or refund the time missed accordingly.

For your HK workshop - can you help me arrange accommodations and make travel plans?

I can certainly help point you in the right direction on many of your travel plans around the workshop including best flights and hotel options.  Meeting times and details can all be sorted out.  If you would like assistance, don't hesitate to ask.

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