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Thanks so much for joining me and the Mentoring Program! I am excited to play a role on this photographic journey you are on. It is an exciting and enriching path and I look forward to assisting you with developing your skills and discovering your artistic voice.

To start, please take your time to fill this out. The more information you share here, and along the way throughout the year, the more I will be able to optimally assist and guide you so that you can get the most out of our time working together.

Name *
Cell Phone *
Cell Phone
How would you classify yourself as a photographer? *
What's your story?
ie. natural landscapes, cityscapes, ocean, etc. Describe:
I am extremely confident with Exposure.
I feel like I make very strong Compositions.
I totally understand Depth of Field and Optimal Focusing.
I understand how to read my Histogram and make Optimal Exposure.
I understand White Balance.
I always shoot RAW for my serious work and understand why.
I own and use Neutral Density and understand why.
I feel confident in the digital darkroom and know how to Develop my images.
I am a wizard in Photoshop!
I have a personal style and unique vision with my photographs.
I am often frustrated while working in-the-field shooting.
I am often frustrated while working in the digital darkroom.
List camera, lenses, filters, tripod and other accessories:
I am totally comfortable with speaking on the phone for hour long conversations.
I am totally comfortable with having hour long Skype sessions.
I am very excited to have Image Reviews and see how my images are critiqued.
I am most looking forward to Developing and the Digital Darkroom Sessions.
I am very excited for Personalized Assignments.
I am very sensitive when it comes to my photographs.
I love sharing my photographs with whoever will look at them!
I'd love to have a fine art piece that I created hanging on my walls.
I'd love to sell my work.
I'd love to change the world for the better with my photography.
Photography is primarily for me.
I know what I want to say with my photographs.
I have a desire to learn advanced techniques such as Exposure Blending, DOF Blending, & Panoramics.