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FAQ’s for photographers interested in the Developing and Mentoring Services



I am interested in the Image Reviews, but what if I don’t like your critique?

Having personal work critiqued by another can be sensitive stuff. It’s natural to be overprotective of work that you put time, effort, money, sweat and tears into. But, when it comes to having work critiqued, you have to be able to put that aside and look at the work neutrally. Does this work, or not, and why? That is really the focus of a good editor. Hearing how images are working or not, and really understanding how a good editor looks at work, can be very informative and be helpful along the photographic journey. I can’t promise you that you’ll like my critique. I can promise you that I won’t critique work unless I feel I can contribute helpful insights that will be valuable along your photographic journey.

I haven’t worked with you in a workshop before. Can I still participate in these mentoring services?

Absolutely! We will start with a questionnaire and an email exchange so I can get caught up with where you are on the photographic journey. This will help me determine how to best be of assistance to you and we will get started. In-person workshops are great for certain aspects to the photographic process. These services are specifically designed to assist in other areas when working remotely.

I am interested in the Developing & the Digital Darkroom service. You list Adobe Camera Raw, Photoshop and Nik software. Can you teach in Lightroom?

At this time, I do not teach in Lightroom. I would be happy to explain why I don’t use it and instead prefer Adobe Camera Raw and Photoshop. If you are not terribly attached, you may decide it’s time to make the leap and switch over. If not, and you are perfectly content with Lightroom, then much of it does translate and crossover. Adobe Camera Raw and Lightroom is essentially the same software with a different facade - minus the cataloguing/keywording functions. If you’re concerned about this, reach out and let’s discuss it.

Don’t you need to use Lightroom to catalogue your images? How do you Archive and Edit your works?

I have created an easy way to Edit and Archive my works using my own folder system. I find it to be much easier and time efficient than using the cataloguing system in Lightroom. Working together with any of these services, I’d be happy to share with you my thoughts on Editing and Archiving and send you articles on the subject.

With the Developing & the Digital Darkroom service, do you provide the Master file with all of the work?

With this service, I do not offer a full-sized Master file. It is solely meant for instructional purposes. I would be happy to include a downsized file with the layers of work. This will be helpful to see the progression of work and can be helpful in learning. Also, you are encouraged to record the Skype exchange so that you can go back through and watch the video over and over. This is extremely helpful and you can expect to learn a ton from these video exchanges.

I am interested in Master Image Developing and having the work all completed for me. Why is this priced more than the Developing & the Digital Darkroom service?

My intention is to teach you to do the work. For you to discover your own personal style and vision, and way of making photographs and working through the photographic process. Having someone do all the work can be helpful to see what they did, how they did it, and why - so I think this too is a valuable service to provide. It’s also a skill that I’ve spent nearly 20 years developing and I value my skillset. Having all of the work done to your file is a premium service and is reflected in the pricing.

I am interested in Master Image Developing, but not sure if my image files are good enough to be worked on. Is that a problem?

Good question. Not all sensors and image files are the same, so it shouldn’t be assumed that any file can become a masterpiece. If after evaluating the RAW file/s I feel that the image is not suitable for being worked into a successful final image, then we will discuss this beforehand and go forward accordingly.

I am considering the One-Year Mentoring Program, but I’d prefer to have more of one service and less of another. Is this possible?

Absolutely. Each program will be customized according to each participant and these are defaults to give you a good sense of how things will go.

Regarding the One-Year Mentoring Program, what are the Assignments and what are the Assignment Reviews like?

Assignments are great for photographers because it holds you accountable and is motivational to keep you moving forward and working. Each assignment has a deadline, and then a review period. The assignments will be customized to your skill level, schedule and location. You can expect one relatively straightforward assignment, one to push you some more, and finally a longer assignment that will likely require several months or more to complete. The review periods will simply be discussions - either on phone or Skype - where we review the work, the images, and the process. This is helpful to learn from fresh work.

How are the Image Portfolio Reviews different from the Assignment Reviews?

Image & Portfolio Reviews provide you with a PDF discussing your work in detail with direction going forward. This will entail many aspects including - what is working, what is not and why; what you might think to do better/differently in the future; resources to look up for further growth; and more.

Assignment Reviews is a more casual conversation mixed into our Skype or phone sessions throughout the Mentoring Program and will take a general look at the new work being done. Together we will discuss the track of how things are unfolding with the assignment work.

I have a busy schedule and don’t have a lot of extra time. Can I still do the Mentoring Program?

Most of us have busy schedules and I believe it’s very easy to find many reasons not to do the work. Getting out into the world and working through the photographic process is not always easy and comfortable. Sitting down and working through images is often a royal pain, especially when you are new to Photoshop and the digital darkroom. I understand everyone’s schedule is different and will be respectful of yours. With that said, I think you should be willing to commit a minimum of 3-5 hours a month in-the-field shooting, and an additional 3-5 hours a month working at home in the digital darkroom, research, and study. If you are unable to commit an average of 6-10 total hours a month working on the photographic process, we should discuss whether this program is for you.

What is the Photographers Circle?

The Photographer’s Circle is a private, password protected area specifically for Workshop and Mentoring Program participants. It takes a deep look at “The Foundation” - what each of my workshops is based on. It is also a growing resource of articles, videos, discussions, open critiques, Q&A’s, and more. It will grow and evolve throughout your program and provide hours worth of valuable content.

With the One-Year Mentoring Program, you mention a recorded timeline. What if we don’t finish all the various aspects in a year?

All Developing and Mentoring Services allow up to 18 months to finish the programs. This should allow plenty of time to accomplish the various goals.

I’m excited and feeling ready-to-go with the One-Year Mentoring Program! Now what? How do things proceed?

Awesome! I’m excited to work with you. Once I have received your payment, I will email you a confirmation, and a detailed questionnaire, including a request for images for an initial review. When you have completed and submitted this information, the program will begin! Are you ready? Let’s get started