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words by Melissa Egbert

I have to wonder whether it is a matter of fate or a matter of convenience that has swayed the changing tides and
shown me reflections as yet unrecognized by my own eyes. I am here now. Now is the only moment that I have.


Time passes with each fluid motion of the water and I wait,
for someone or something to capture a moment of beautiful illumination.


Visions of people lost and better times long ago. Today we do not have the present, only the future and past. But nevertheless, this place is now. It is timeless and constant, consuming as the shadow that becomes us under the heat of the midday sun. This shadow is and is not.


There is a path that winds through me which leads to the end of the world. At least the end of the world as I know it. I see the world evolve through me as the people who appear and disappear through my veins speak and move and feel their way back into their worlds; we share this world but I swear only sometimes can they feel my pulse. But I can always feel theirs. The pulses of a thousand people have flooded my ears…


I am here now and I don’t know where to go next. But each moment will take me there, I trust, as I am needed or desired or compelled.
It isn’t a life if we just appear. It must take force and movement. Conviction and strength to be just what we want.


It isn’t the words we speak. It’s the silence.


It’s not just in things to see, but the freedom to move through space.


Energy and emotion flow through time; space is the channel through which it moves.


We find who we are looking for, not in the crowds
but in our solitude.


I've wandered too close to the sea and it tries to pull me in, trapping my feet in the soft sand.
The ocean slips away and in that moment, I feel connected to the transforming world around me.

The world transformed by light and water.


It isn’t emptiness,

But energy;

It isn’t form,

But a gateway

Gateway to stillness through which we must pass...


As I journey toward the sun, setting in its night haven, the clouds have surrendered
the last of their offering to the earth, and given way to a silent calm.


I walk the coast, ever nearer to the water, until it surrounds me,
moving my body to the sway and rhythms it commands.
I feel the serenity of the world pour through me.

The light is leaving but the water remains.


A simple shift in perspective, away from the form and into the space,

refocus your vision...

look into the void and see what is missing.


Melissa Egbert | 1982-2016