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Work with an international award winning landscape photographer and leading educator in the fine art photography field in The City by the Bay.

If you’re alive, you can’t be bored in San Francisco. If you’re not alive, San Francisco will bring you to life.
— William Saroyan


Based in one of the most beautiful and photogenic cities in the world, San Francisco, California - participants of all levels will work directly with me to gain new skills, ideas, and inspiration toward creating more powerful and compelling photographs.

My photography workshops provide passionate photographers an opportunity to explore their own personal means of expression while I assist and guide them with the important technical and creative aspects found behind every evocative photograph. You will learn how to get the strongest image in-camera, improve your composition skills and exposure techniques, and create more dynamic photographs more often.

But information is nothing without inspiration.

The enjoyment and adventure of every workshop is getting out into the world and seeing it with a fresh eye, and then learning to communicate photographically that wonder in an expressive way.  The world is alive with beauty and it’s an incredible opportunity to become aware of ways to show its worth. I love when I can share this with others while assisting them develop the skills and senses required to capture that beauty in a photograph.



The INTENSIVE photo workshop will allow us time for an informative presentation period, in-depth photographic discussion covering topics specific to your current level and needs, and hands-on shooting techniques and guidance at a number of dramatic city locations.  We will work through sunset and finish with a dramatic night shoot!

This is perfect for all levels of passionate photographers looking to gain a better understanding of both the technical and the creative aspects to making more personal, expressive, and dynamic photographs, while exploring some of the best cityscape scenery in the world.

We will explore numerous vantages of San Francisco and will make photographs of the city skyline from multiple locations from across the water, the Bay Bridge, the Golden Gate bridge, and more.  You will learn long exposure techniques, how to work with filters, and the best way to approach a scene both technically and creatively.


Each photography workshop will be custom tailored to your individual level and needs - based on a questionnaire that will be sent to you - as we remain flexible with current weather and shooting conditions.

IN-THE-FIELD discussions may include:

•Depth of field and optimal focusing
•Reading histograms
•White balance
•Raw vs. JPEG
•Filter use
•Black and white imagery versus color
•Photoshop techniques
•Printing and finishing
•Presenting and selling work
•Camera gear
•The Zen of photography
•Careers paths
•Developing an individual style
•And more...


First, I work directly with you.  Whatever your current photographic level, my objective is solely on assisting you walk away with further technical knowledge, photographic inspiration and a deeper understanding of creative perspective and process.  

Next, I believe it is very important for an instructor to be able to showcase a strong collection of photography and success in the photographic marketplace before they attempt to pass on knowledge and guidance.  This is where information and inspiration is drawn from!  I was 15+ years down the photographic path before I began working with earlier-on-the-path photographers.  During that time I have:

•Been earning my living solely as a professional fine art landscape photographer for over a decade and continue to gain new collectors from around the globe.
•Successfully assisted over 250 passionate photographers along their photographic journey in-the-field. 
•Exhibited and sold work in galleries and exhibitions here in the US and internationally.
•Been awarded by the International Photography Awards (IPA) with over 50 awards.
•Been published in numerous publications including Light and Landscape Magazine, Outdoor Photographer's The American Landscape, American Photo Magazine Images of the Year, and Black and White Magazine, Wailea Magazine, and others.
•Have worked directly with the top printers and fine art finishers in the country.
•Have worked as a fine art photography consultant and gallery director and have sold over 3.5 million dollars worth of fine art landscape photography by the likes of David Fokos, Peter Lik, Charles Cramer, and others, in addition to my own work.

If you are looking for a professional photographer who is dedicated to assisting you along your own path towards creating more expressive and powerful images of your own, reach out and let's work together!


"Scott is every bit as inspirational and engaging as his photographs. His passion and generosity left me feeling very privileged to have spent a few hours shooting with him. Scott was exceptionally invested in making sure I got the most out of the session. Not only in understanding my skill level and what I wanted from the workshop, but in what I wanted out of my photography generally. He asked questions that I have to admit I had never asked myself and that helped me to realize why my photography up to now has generally been so ‘unfocused’... Out in the field we worked through each shot step by step to make sure I understood the how and why. My particular interest for the session was the night sky and Scott's local knowledge meant we wasted no time in getting to the best spots. I left the workshop buzzing. Scott helped me refine my technical skills and taught me new techniques. But most significantly, he encouraged me to 'feel' as much as 'think' about my photographs which is something that has already had quite a profound affect on me. I came away with a greater confidence in my photography and some great images, but most importantly a renewed excitement, passion and focus for why I go out shooting in the first place."
Amanda Morrison - London, England

As an enthusiastic amateur photographer I have tried many sources and educational opportunities to improve my photography skills but the recent workshop I took with Scott on Maui was the best by far. He covers every aspect of photography from mental and philosophical to technical and practical. His passion is evident and was particularly inspiring as we discussed a wide variety of topics over the course of the day. Of the many things I have done over the years on my vacations in Maui this is on the top of my list to repeat on my next visit. I would encourage any photographer who wants to improve their skills to consider taking this workshop. It’s time and money well spent."
Ty Hutchins - Fresno, California

"I was in Maui for a conference and looking for a photographic instructor who would be flexible enough to accommodate me in between my packed schedule. I am glad to say that my experience with Scott has been fabulous. He started off with a brief presentation on the basic foundation of photography which was very illuminating for me. Although I have been photographing for quite some time, his explanation of F-stops, use of filters and basic composition enabled me to look at these concepts from a whole new perspective. Following our initial instruction, we went out for photoshoots at local spots and implemented these principles. The whole experience was wonderful and immensely satisfying. Scott is a very accomplished photographer, instructor and above all a very genuine human being. If you are in the Maui area and like photography, give Scott a call. You will be amazed how much you will learn."
Anindya Dutta - Fremont, California


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