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Work with an award winning landscape photographer & leading educator in the fine art photography field in The City with an in-depth Mentoring program.

San Francisco itself is art, above all literary art. Every block is a short story, every hill a novel. Every home a poem, every dweller within immortal.
— William Saroyan


Creating exceptional images and a compelling portfolio requires more than camera and Photoshop skills. While it’s essential to know the fundamentals of photography, learning to be a sensitive and artistic photographer involves shifting your mindset so you can imagine the world in more insightful and meaningful ways. To achieve excellence, technical skills are necessary but so is sense and sensibility. The most successful and illuminating photographers understand how much their adventure with a camera is a journey of self-awareness. True artistry comes from the creative expression of individuality. But it can take some guidance and inspiration before you learn to release your creative potential.

The One-Year Exclusive Mentoring Workshop & Program guided by award-winning photographer Scott Reither is a private opportunity for passionate photographers to enhance their digital skills, improve their editing process and sharpen their knowledge of how to find, compose and craft exceptional images and a smartly-edited series. The program is geared for people who want to achieve a more informed and insightful connection with their camera and with what they want to express through their images. The year-long engagement provides focused, critical feedback and a more personalized level of instruction to help you find the best way forward with your photography.

Attention is paid to all aspects of a photographer’s development - including practical guidance for:

•how to find the most evocative composition when considering a landscape
•how to make use of optimal and creative exposures to create mood and drama
•how to improve your developing techniques in the digital darkroom and work in a more effective way
•how to archive and sensitively edit a collection of images into a high-quality portfolio
•how to create a unique identity and personal vision as a photographer


The heart of the program is the friendly and often inspiring rapport that develops between each participant and Scott Reither as they work closely together exploring ways to make images that are more resonant, meaningful and aesthetically powerful. Photography assignments are issued quarterly and customized for each participant based on their individual goals and skill set. The assignments and the quarterly extended discussions with Scott provide the opportunity to keep improving photography techniques and compositional choices while progressively refining a collection of images. Each mentoring program is built around the best way to inform, instruct, motivate and inspire each student to achieve the best of their creative abilities.  Useful, critical feedback is offered throughout the year so participants gain a clearer, more insightful understanding of how to master their own photographic language.

The mentoring program is unique in its commitment to encouraging participants to see the profound effect that photography can play in their lives and how it can positively affect their personal awareness. How you see and feel the world around you matters to the quality of your photography. For Scott, the most effective means to achieving artistic excellence in photography is to establish the right mindset when considering a particular place or scene. 

The San Francisco Mentoring Series Workshop is a private one-on-one arrangement flexibly shaped to the needs, goals and availability of each participant.  The one year mentorship starts off with an immersive 3-day in-the-field photography workshop in the city of San Francisco, California. Each workshop day is filled with a range of challenges that encourage a more intimate understanding of how to use your camera to capture and create something extraordinary, from many of the iconic city views to lesser known intimate settings. Equal emphasis is paid to improving your technical skills and workflow process while opening up a more creatively expressive viewpoint.

The balance of the year is given to a series of targeted photography challenges to help refine your technical and creative development. All assignments are thoughtfully critiqued and helpful guidance and encouragement is offered at regular intervals in direct communication with Scott. The mentoring program is private, more personal, and delves deeper into all aspects of the photographic process.  The goal is to work cooperatively with you to improve your photographic skills and the way you see the creative potential in the world. Over the course of the year, you will learn ways to make your work more evocative while being inspired to more fully appreciate the power of your individual artistry.




3-day Immersive Workshop in San Francisco includes:

• 12+ hours each day working in-the-field.
• Informative presentation periods and in-depth photographic discussions.
• Hands-on shooting techniques and guidance at many stunning city & coastal locations.
• Night photography and painting-with-light techniques.
• Digital Darkroom instruction and guidance for Master Image Developing.
• Image Review periods - training the Editor’s Eye.
• Transportation throughout the day.
• Cold drinks, snacks, and a healthy meal each day in-the-field.

One-Year Mentoring Program includes:

All of your efforts will be tracked and shared with you quarterly with a visual timeline.

All of your efforts will be tracked and shared with you quarterly with a visual timeline.

• Image Reviews (Up to 9 images)
• Developing & the Digital Darkroom Sessions (Up to 5 hours live on Skype, or recorded to a flashdrive and mailed to you.)
• Master File Developing (1 image + Recording on flashdrive)
• Motivational Digital Flash Cards (24 sent to your phone over 12 months)
• Personalized Assignments (3 assignments)
• Assignment Reviews (3 assignment reviews)
• Access to the private “Photographers Circle“ - a password protected area for the mentoring program - containing a deep look at “The Foundation”, with a growing number of articles.
• Direction toward presenting & sharing your work via print and web.
• Insights on how to work with the country's top printers and finishers to get wall-worthy finished works.
• And more!



Scott Reither has earned a critical reputation for his long-exposure landscape scenes earning him more than 50 International Photography Awards. Scott is also a leading educator in the fine art photography field having conducted over 250 workshops. The One Year Exclusive Mentoring Program draws upon his extensive technical knowledge, editing and developing experience, and his insightful awareness about what it takes to achieve exceptional images and define a meaningful creative identity as a photographer.

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"Scott is every bit as inspirational and engaging as his photographs. His passion and generosity left me feeling very privileged to have spent time shooting with him. Scott was exceptionally invested in making sure I got the most out of the session. Not only in understanding my skill level and what I wanted from the workshop, but in what I wanted out of my photography generally. He asked questions that I have to admit I had never asked myself and that helped me to realize why my photography up to now has generally been so ‘unfocused’... Out in the field we worked through each shot step by step to make sure I understood the how and why. [....]  I left the workshop buzzing. Scott helped me refine my technical skills and taught me new techniques. But most significantly, he encouraged me to 'feel' as much as 'think' about my photographs which is something that has already had quite a profound affect on me. I came away with a greater confidence in my photography and some great images, but most importantly a renewed excitement, passion and focus for why I go out shooting in the first place."

Amanda Morrison - London, England

I feel very lucky that he was willing to pass his knowledge on to me.  Scott's teaching technique is very easy to understand, and he is very patient.  If you don't understand something the first time, you will eventually get it with his help.  I found his metaphors to be very helpful in remembering and understanding things better. Scott is obviously a highly skilled expert in the photography field, and very passionate about his trade.  If you are interested in learning more about photography, or want to improve on your skills, I highly recommend that you take one of Scott's workshops. I'm sure you'll love it!"

Virginia Leussler - North Reading, Massachusetts


I found Scott through an internet search and was impressed by the testimonials so I set up a workshop. His teaching approach made the concepts of photography simple to understand. In fact, his approach is to simplify the technical aspects so that you can unleash the creative side within. Don’t misunderstand me, he taught me a number of skills that have vastly improved my technical abilities. But it’s the creative skills he shares, and his enthusiasm for the craft that are my largest takeaway. For someone traveling from NY, good communication and customer service was important. Scott was responsive and his follow-through is comprehensive. If you love photography, no matter your skill level, don’t miss the opportunity to work with him."

Duncan MacKenzie - Delmar, New York

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