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It seems that our schedules are aligning. I look forward to meeting and working with you for our Maui photo workshop!

To book and hold the date, I require a minimum deposit of 50% of the workshop fee, with the other half payable on or before our workshop date - or the total amount paid-in-full.  Please book at your earliest convenience to save the date.

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When I receive your above payment, I will put you in my calendar and confirm the date with you.

Once you have finalized your payment, please continue below to the questionnaire.




Each workshop is private and customized to meet your personal photographic level and needs.  Therefore, allow me to get a feel of where you are at with your photography with some questions, in order to best structure our time together.

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How would you classify yourself as a photographer? *
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What are you most wanting to focus on with the workshop?
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List camera, lenses, tripod and filters that you will have:
Are you comfortable off-trail and on rocky coastlines, for example?

The more you can offer me in regards to these above questions, the more I can best be of assistance to you during our time together.  

It is also helpful for me if you email me 3-5 photographs that you have made that best express your photographic path thus far. 

Other Details:

In addition to your camera gear, you will want comfortable footwear for rocky coastlines - not slippers.  Sneakers are ideal.  A sun hat is nice to have, sunglasses and sunscreen are a necessity, and I generally like to have a light long sleeve or windbreaker for post-sunset.

On all workshops, I will provide cold drinks (typically water and fruit juice).  For the 10 hour, 14 hour & mentoring workshops, I will also provide snacks and a healthy vegan meal.  Please let me know if you have any dietary restrictions or allergies.


You certainly don't need to bring everything you own.  For lenses, the most common focal lengths we will use are wide angle and standard lenses, such as 16-35 and 24-70 (or equivalent).  Occasionally, a 70-200 can come in handy too.  
A stable tripod is a necessity.  If you don't have one, then let me know and I will provide you with one. I can supply the filters and holders as needed.

A cable release (not the remote kind) is strongly recommended.  Without it, you will be limited to 30 second exposures.  With it, I will teach you to do 2 minute exposures! These are specific to camera so I can’t supply these. Go to B&H and search for: (YOUR CAMERA BRAND) Cable Release