Scott Reither Photographer


"Every human is an artist.  The dream of your life is to make beautiful art.”  Don Miguel Ruiz


Mentoring Series Workshops provide passionate photographers a unique opportunity to work with me in an extended ongoing manner and to explore in-depth all aspects of the photographic process - over the course of one year.  

Beginning with a 3-day immersive workshop on the beautiful and scenic island of Maui, Hawaii, my home-base of over 20 years, participants will work directly with me to explore their own personal means of expression while I assist and guide them with the important technical and creative aspects found behind every evocative photograph.  

Continuing the Mentoring exchange for one year with valuable bi-monthly correspondence via email, Skype and phone calls will allow us to continue to delve into various lessons, critiques, and training's set up through our initial immersive workshop.

You will learn how to get the strongest image in-camera, improve your composition skills and exposure techniques, and create more dynamic photographs more often.

You will learn important aspects to editing - selecting the few from the many - and how to best approach your archives to compile top images and portfolios for  sharing.

You will learn how to develop and shape your RAW files in the digital darkroom so they become expressive works of art, and how to optimize the image files to share with the world via web and print.

Our in-depth focus will cover the technical and creative aspects of compelling photography, but it won’t stop there.  I want to help you recognize and uncover your inner artist!  Photography is expression and communication.  We are creative beings and photography is a creative process.  I want to assist you in uncovering your own unique personal photographic voice, and to discover your lasting message to the world.

The enjoyment and adventure of every workshop is getting out into the world and seeing it with a fresh eye, and then learning to communicate photographically that wonder in an expressive way.  The world is alive with beauty and and it’s an incredible opportunity to become aware of ways to show its worth. I love when I can share this with others while assisting them develop the skills and senses required to capture that beauty in a photograph.

Over the past 5 years I have worked with over 250 photographers from around the world in one-on-one private workshops, and this has completely informed how I have set-up this Mentoring Series Workshop.  I have listened and learned from my participants and