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HONG KONG PHOTO WORKSHOP | Discover Your Inner Artist

Work with an award winning landscape photographer & leading educator in the fine art photography field in HK Nov. 12-15, 2018 and capture stunning images.

Hong Kong Photo Workshop

NOVEMBER 12-15, 2018

on the surface, it’s a city of steel and glass, but its heartbeat pumps centuries of heritage across its dynamic landscape, offering the photographer one of the most visually rich cityscapes in the world.

Come join me for an incredible urban adventure and let me share with you the most compelling scenes around Hong Kong.  We will shoot from the top of skyscrapers, explore the birds-eye view of Victoria Peak at sunrise, discover "secret spots" that most tourists never find, shoot the city lights after dark, and much more. 

But this is not simply a photo tour.  This is a workshop.  You will work directly with me to gain new skills, ideas, and inspiration toward creating more powerful and expressive photographs.  My photography workshops provide passionate photographers an opportunity to explore their own personal means of expression while I assist and guide them with the important technical and creative aspects found behind every evocative photograph. You will learn how to get the strongest image in-camera, improve your composition skills and exposure techniques, and gain insights as to how to better develop your images in the digital darkroom.

But information is nothing without inspiration.

The enjoyment and adventure of every workshop is getting out into the world and seeing it with a fresh eye, and then learning to communicate photographically that wonder in an expressive way.  The world is alive with beauty and it’s an incredible opportunity to become aware of ways to show its worth. I love when I can share this with others while assisting them develop the skills and senses required to capture that beauty in a photograph.


We will delve into many topics including:

•Depth of field and optimal focusing
•Reading histograms
•White balance
•Raw vs. JPEG
•Filter use
•Black and white imagery versus color
•Photoshop techniques
•Camera gear
•The Zen of photography
•Developing an individual style
•Creating a cohesive portfolio
•Optimal exposure and city skylines at night
•Shooting through glass effectively from observation decks
•And many more...


Joining us will be a longtime Hong Kong resident and photographer to help guide us to "secret photography spots" - the ones that tourists never find - and to help us understand the cultural and historical aspects of this unique city.  Working together in a small group, we will move efficiently through Hong Kong and maximize our 4-days together.  The primary goal is to walk away with a tightly edited selection of dynamic and stunning photographs from one of the most visually dynamic places on Earth, along with memories that will last a lifetime.  It's about photography, but it's also about Life! 

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  •  4 days of immersive 10+ hour days of group and individual photo instruction.

  •  Informative presentation periods, in-depth photographic discussions, hands-on shooting techniques & guidance to many stunning city locations.

  •  Night photography and shooting from skyscrapers technique.

  •  Computer time with a focus on editing, archiving, developing and general digital-darkroom instruction and guidance.

  •  "The Foundation", an in-depth eBook exclusively created for workshop participants.

  •  A pre-workshop exchange to help you prepare for the trip and assist as needed with accomodations and travel plans.

  •  A post-workshop follow-up to offer input and direction for your photographic path going forward.


"Scott is every bit as inspirational and engaging as his photographs. His passion and generosity left me feeling very privileged to have spent time shooting with him. Scott was exceptionally invested in making sure I got the most out of the session. Not only in understanding my skill level and what I wanted from the workshop, but in what I wanted out of my photography generally. He asked questions that I have to admit I had never asked myself and that helped me to realize why my photography up to now has generally been so ‘unfocused’... Out in the field we worked through each shot step by step to make sure I understood the how and why. [....]  I left the workshop buzzing. Scott helped me refine my technical skills and taught me new techniques. But most significantly, he encouraged me to 'feel' as much as 'think' about my photographs which is something that has already had quite a profound affect on me. I came away with a greater confidence in my photography and some great images, but most importantly a renewed excitement, passion and focus for why I go out shooting in the first place."

Amanda Morrison - London, England

"This is the second year in a row that I have shot with Scott in a workshop. I felt after last year that he’d actually changed my life, photographically speaking, and so I could not wait for the year to pass to shoot with him again! This year I booked two full 14 hour days. When you spend that much time with a person you get to know them and he strikes me as purposeful, principled and a perfectionist, not to mention a great photographer. His work is true art - spirit shines through. I found the shoots challenging and exhilarating. [...] As an instructor he is the type of teacher you won’t ever forget as he demands the best of you. With great instincts and a passion for photography he brings order and integrity to whatever practices you had with your photography. I keep thinking his shoots will be easy and they are not. While he is patient and assists, you do the work to create exposure and composition under his guidance. Having to do the work required to get a good shot forced me to grasp iso, aperture and shutter speed better than I ever have before with other workshops and university instruction. For my money, I want someone who is a serious instructor. But, we do have a lot of laughs along the way. ;) All in all when I book time with Scott I feel privileged to be with a master of photography. He’s as excited by what you can capture as you are yourself and you end up taking home some of the best pictures you have ever shot in your life as well as acquiring new skills to make beautiful photos on your own."

Karen Lange - Manly, Australia




Scott Reither has earned a critical reputation for his long-exposure landscape scenes earning him more than 50 International Photography Awards. Scott is also a leading educator in the fine art photography field having conducted over 250 workshops. The Hong Kong Photo Workshop draws upon his extensive technical knowledge, editing and developing experience, and his insightful awareness about what it takes to achieve exceptional images and define a meaningful creative identity as a photographer.

To sign up for the Hong Kong Photo Workshop, place your deposit below.

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Space is limited to only 4 photographers and available on a first come first serve basis.  A $1500 deposit will save your spot, with the remaining balance due by Oct. 1st.

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You won't want to miss this workshop, but sometimes life gets in the way and plans change.  If that becomes the case, the following applies to the HK workshop 2018:

All cancellations are subject to a $200 service charge. 
If you cancel and your spot becomes filled, you will be refunded the full amount you have paid minus the $200 service charge.
If your spot is not filled, the following applies:

  •  Before Sept. 1st: Full Refund minus $200 service charge

  •  Sept. 1st to Oct. 15th: 50% Refund

  •  After Oct. 15th: No refund

All payments will be refunded in full if the workshop does not get 3+ participants and is cancelled. 


  •  Nov. 11: Arrive in Hong Kong (HKG) by this time.

  •  Nov. 12th: Workshop commences at 10am and concludes Thursday Nov. 15th at 10pm.



We will travel by Metro, taxi, tram, boat and by foot!  While photographing Hong Kong, it's not uncommon to walk a lot.  You should feel comfortable walking 8+ miles with your gear over the stretch of a long day.


  •  Temps:  75℉ hi | 66℉ low

  •  Humidity: Low

  •  Sunrise/Sunset:  6:34am | 5:40pm


The HK workshop requires 3+ participants to operate.  Flight insurance is recommended in the case of a cancellation.

I do NOT provide travel insurance as part of my workshop fees and recommend you purchase your own, primarily for the case of medical emergencies and/or evacuations.  I recommend World Nomads.  A quote only takes a few minutes.

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Willing is not enough, we must do.
— Bruce Lee