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Master Image Developing takes the previous option and goes beyond demonstration, offering the photographer a folder of finished Master files ready for professional quality print, web, and ready to share with the world. The folder will contain an uncompressed Master file with all the work completed and visible in Photoshop layers; a Flat-Master file; multiple sized print files; and multiple sized web files. Additionally, you can choose to have the entire session HD recorded and sent to you on a flashdrive, so you can watch the entire developing process - along with commentary - in high-res later. This is an excellent option for greater learning! This option is ideal for those photographers who desire to get the most out of an image and lack the available time and skills.

You may opt to submit images over the course of time, and do not need to submit all images at once.

Master File Developing periods will vary per submission. When your payment has been made, you will receive an email confirmation with an expected turnaround time and instructions as to how to transfer the image files.

The Master Image Developing is designed to take your raw file out of camera, and create optimal and expressive Master files ready for print, showcasing on the web, and sharing with the world.

You have 18 months from the time you make your payment until the Master File Developing period expires.

This exchange will be kept in strict confidence and no credit is due to the artist for the work.

1 Image: $375
1 Image + Recording: $425

3 Images: $1,000
3 Images + Recording: $1,100

9 Images: $2,500
9 Images + Recording: $2,700

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