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A Deeper Perspective


Creating compelling images requires photographers to have a deep feeling-based connection to the subject matter and to the photographic process, if they hope to create evocative images that have their own life and spirit. It is the nature of making art with the camera versus simply capturing moments in time.

The photographic path is a very personal one.

It certainly is not an easy one! There has been no work more challenging for me to produce than this new series. Not because of location or weather or any other external encounters - those are always present. But, this time, because of internal struggles and emotional pain.

It has been an extremely difficult period of my life due to the loss of a close loved one. Navigating heavy feelings of grief and sadness has been uncharted territory for me. In many ways, I retreated and withdrew. But even in this darkest period, my passion and desire to get out into the world and photographically capture beauty and wonder and to share my discoveries, has held strong.

Working with the camera and making photographs, I have learned more deeply about myself and my place in this world. Making these images specifically, they have helped me in some way work through the bereavement and deep grief. You might sense that. You might also sense that the darkest period has passed, and there is a hope and optimism.

The creative process is completed when the work is presented and shared. It becomes of-the-world and can now take on its own life. To have you as an audience to share my works with is a great honor and privilege. Thank you!

My sister Melissa had dreams of someday finding an audience to share her words with. She was a great writer and had a way with words like I have with images. It is only fitting that I pair our works together here in this portfolio.

I hope you’ll enjoy them!

Without further ado, I would like to introduce you to my newest portfolio titled Dark Coast.