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A Deeper Perspective



Matt Reid from Light and Landscape Magazine asked me some questions about some of my experiences with mentoring NFL football star Brandin Cooks, a receiver for the Los Angeles Rams. The issue (#41) is now live. You can download it free on all iOS devices in the App Store here. Download Issue #41 of Light and Landscape to read the entire interview.

Here is an excerpt:


Matt Reid: How has mentoring Brandin effected you both personally and as professional photographer and educator?

Scott Reither: Sometimes it is clear to see that events in our lives unfold and happen and the timing of it is impeccable, and optimally suited for our life at that time. In many ways, this was the case with Brandin coming into my life. I had lost someone very special a year earlier and was still in a deep state of grief and having a lot of trouble moving forward. I was in a deep funk.

As a sports fan, the excitement of gaining a superstar elite athlete as a collector of my work was a thrill. But by itself, that thrill would have been short-lived. Having the opportunity to then form a relationship and get to know Brandin and spend time with him and see the aspects to his personality and behavior that makes him one of the best athletes in the world - it’s eye opening. And, very motivating! He’s an impressive guy with infectious positive energy. Brandin coming into my world when he did, as a guy that’s grounded, centered, and full of positivity and enthusiasm - it has had a profound effect on me. It helped me to move forward out of the funk and get my ass in gear again. It’s been a blessing to become friends with him and I am grateful that photography continues to have this power connecting me with the world.

Brandin Cooks photographing between NFL seasons along the rugged coast of Maui, Hawaii.

Brandin Cooks photographing between NFL seasons along the rugged coast of Maui, Hawaii.


Matt first read about the story of us working together from an earlier article in my blog that you can read HERE.