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The only proper response to this question, "What is the best thing to do in Paris?" has to be simply "Being in Paris."  The place is magical and if you are focused on doing more than being, you might miss the wonder and romance that is laced throughout the timeworn streets, cathedrals and countless cafe's.  This became clear to Becca and I within the first few days of our two week stay in Paris, and we both agreed that it didn't much matter what we did - being there, roaming aimlessly, and taking it all in was plenty enough to keep our senses enthusiastic and our hearts filled with passion and curiosity.  We're in Paris! 


It took us nearly 30 hours to get from our place in Maui to the cute humble apartment where we would happily call home for the following 2 weeks.  Located on Rue des Fosses Saint Bernard in the Latin Quarter, we were just a block away from the Seine, a river flowing underneath 37 bridges within Paris and eventually flowing into the English Channel.  We resisted the strong urge to take a nap and threw ourselves into the ether of the city, following the impulse to go to the river and following it west.  Within minutes, our eyes were taking in the 850 year old Roman Catholic cathedral Notre Dame, one of the most well-known churches in the world, not to mention an insane architecture wonder. We sat in the window of Cafe´ Panis at 21 Quai de Montebello, and marveled at the massive cathedral across the street, while indulging in our first Parisian snack - double espresso's and Croquet Provencal, a delicious piece of toasted bread with tomato and melted cheese and a touch of fresh pesto.

Continuing west along the Seine, we made our way past Pont Neuf, the oldest standing bridge across the river in Paris, and I´le de la Cite´, the island where Notre Dame is, and ended up at Pont des Arts.  This is a pedestrian bridge in Paris that has been completely covered by love-locks.  A committed couple latches their lock to the bridge and throw the keys into the Seine River, making their love unbreakable.  I surprised Becca with a lock that I had prepared at home.  Minutes later, we kissed like lovers with unbreakable love while our keys slowly descended to the bottom of the river below.  Ahhh, Paris!  Our love affair with Paris had begun.

(Love affair To Be Continued...)