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TIMES SQUARE  New York City, New York

I'm excited to say I'm tuning out.  Turning the auto-responder In-the-Field ON with my email, and generally tuning to "travel mode"...starting now.

Becca and I are heading to New York City and plan on eating, walking and photographing our way through a week in the city.  Yep....that's the type of places we like to go while living in Maui.

Last time there for only 24 hours, I was pleased to make Times Square, an eight-minute exposure made early in the morning.  I used a Pentax 67 and shot it on Fuji Velvia 100 and only made one exposure, so very stoked I figured the exposure correctly.  Using 10-stop nd filters is one thing with a digi, but when you're using film, it's a different animal.  I love how the passing cars and pedestrians all disappear with the time.

What I've read online makes me think NYC has become much more strict regarding tripods, so we'll see what I can get this time around.  I plan on attempting to be very sneaky with the tripod.