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A Deeper Perspective


Dear Banksy, I have two favorite artists - you and Vik Muniz.  I have been lucky enough to see Vik's work in an extensive exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art in La Jolla a few years back, but had not yet been fortunate enough to see your work in person.  I follow your website and own your book, Wall and Piece, so am familiar with the work.  While strolling down a street in San Francisco's Chinatown a few days back, I was totally surprised to glance down an alley and see one of your works!  I immediately knew it was one of yours, and the plexiglass covering the original work was obvious confirmation.  Unfortunately, some friggin'-idiot had totally defaced the plexi so that the work was barley recognizable!

I'm not sure what kind of goofball would do such a thing!  Perhaps you are used to your street art transforming as others express their flavor in-addition and in-relation to your works on the wall.  And perhaps, your art is a living, organic thing in this way.  With that said, and as a fan of your work, I was totally disappointed that some d-bag totally uglified your work with black paint down the front of the plexi.  (Why goofball, why!?)

Borrowed from your website to show the peeps the original...

Pretty cool to see the dragon mural that's formed around your piece since you did the work in 2010, heh?  I was really curious as to how the whole thing would work together without the uglification, so I hope you don't mind...I took the liberty of cleaning it up to show here.

Anyways, thanks for doing what you do.  I'm happy to have at least had a chance to get a glimpse of original work by you.



p.s.  Exit Through the Gift Shop was GENIUS!!