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A Deeper Perspective



THREE NIGHT DIVERSLa Jolla, California

I was heading out 4 or 5 nights a week into the dark cool evenings of the La Jolla night and photographing with little or no light.  On this particular occasion, I was heading down the street and saw three divers having just loaded on all of their wetsuit and scuba gear, heading for the water's edge.  I was curious to see what I might be able to capture.

I set up the larger panoramic film camera, the Linhof 617 Technorama, and as they were turning on their lights and heading into the wet darkness, I began my exposure. They slowly made their way out, continually bobbing their heads and lights above and below the waters surface to see their direction and each other, and my Fuji Velvia film recorded time passing.

Approximately 15 minutes had passed and they were making their way further into the dark depths of the ocean, and nearing the outer part of my frame. As quickly as it all began, it ended just the same. I stopped the exposure, packed up the camera, and headed up the road for the warmth of home - anxious in hope that an interesting image had been captured, while the divers faded away into the dark sea.