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A Deeper Perspective



A couple nights back, I was just about to go to bed when I glanced out over the ocean and saw a full moonbow!  "Holy shit!  Becca!  Come quick!"  I blurted out without hesitation...or thought as to how this reaction might sound from her end.  She bolted out of the bedroom wondering what the hell was going on, relieved to see that I was losing it over a moonbow.  (Gets her back a bit for all the times she freaks over a mouse, cockroach, or some other little critter - at least once a month, she screams from another room for me to "come quick", giving me a partial heart attack.  Of course, once my heart is back on pace, I always secretly find this extremely cute.)

Even here on Maui, you don't see moonbows all that often, especially not full ones from end to end.  I rush to get my camera bag and tripod and in the 13 seconds this takes me, half of the moonbow has already dissipated.  I jam to get setup and only have time to take 4 frames before it's totally gone.  Dealing with a new camera and lens, a loving relationship hasn't yet formed and the first 3 frames are totally out-of-focus.  I recognize this just in time to make this one last exposure.  Yeah...I know the composition and overall scene leaves little to be desired, but it is my first moonbow, it's a start.

Have you captured a moonbow with your camera?